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As a former Royal Navy Physical Training Instructor, Mark is driven to promote the importance of life-time fitness. His experience and expertise are second to none and his professional coaching style is proven to achieve the results you require. Your plan consists of 10 one-hour sessions, created personally for you and comes complete with a bespoke nutrition plan too. Mark will motivate you by setting goals and giving clear instruction and workouts for you to continue with in between each session.

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Costs: £30 per person or £45 per couple. Please enquire about our full menu planning consultancy to help you with your dietary requirements. BOOK NOW

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Fantastic bootcamp. Great bunch of people, not at all cliquey and mixed fitness abilities. Instructors are friendly, fun, make you work hard and help you to improve your fitness levels in a motivating way. Also great to be outdoors in the fresh air. I got hooked 14 months ago and have lost two dress sizes. So much better than a gym!!

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I attended Fit Bootcamp in order to improve my fitness levels from those achieved at my local gym and health club. It was a great success, with challenging and intensive training, presented in a very supportive way with excellent trainers who were both encouraging and attentive.
The food was outstanding, prepared by Kate, who is also a super manager, with everything run very efficiently. The whole experience was further improved by a lovely group of motivated people training alongside me.
There was a great sense of achievement at the demonstrable improvement in my fitness level. I loved the experience so much that I have booked another week. I thoroughly recommend Fit Bootcamp to you! – Louise

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These guys are awesome. You really have no idea what you can achieve until you try. Thanks for your support and patience – Michelle