For the last 10 years we have been running bootcamps in both the UK and fitness retreats in Italy. We aimed our programmes at people who wanted to vastly improve their personal fitness and body shape in a concentrated week long period of both physical training and healthy eating. This proved very successful achieving outstanding results in both fitness and body shaping.

In 2015 Mark was a finalist in the Sports Teacher of the year awards in Devon, which was huge recognition for his dedication to “Making a Difference” to so many people throughout his career.

You will receive constant support and encouragement to achieve your own personal goals combined with expert advice. Our experience and expertise is second to none and our professional coaching style is proven to achieve the results you require. One thing to remember about the staff at FIT Bootcamp is that we are here for YOU and it is all about YOU!
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We pride ourselves on our professional ethos in the way we deliver our fitness and nutritional packages. They are meticulously planned to ensure your body can utilise the nutrition provided to perform during exercise and therefore gain the results you require. Our weight loss programmes will give you an incredible start within just a week. It will be hard work but your effort, combined with our training, support and food will enable you to achieve your goals whether it may be improving your fitness or weight loss. Previous weight loss results have been an average of 8lb’s in a week and 18” loss.

Our experience

We can help you by sharing our experience of combining the right exercise with the right menu.

On leaving the Royal Navy after over 20 years as a Physical Training Instructor, Mark our co founder and Director of Training set about utilising his skills in the civilian world, motivating people to make more of their physical potential and changing the shape of their lives. Driven to make a difference, we set up a successful business aimed at the corporate market, delivering Leadership and Physical Training packages to companies including PWC, Wrigley (Mars) and Mcafee, Plymouth City Council and the Mirror Group Biggest Loser Competition, the latter of which included families and 7 schools in Plymouth.

We then introduced residential “bootcamps” in Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Newcastle & Yorkshire and ran daily sessions in Devon. We were achieving the results our clients wanted but also realised that many wanted the weeks to be more relaxing and so started working on other programmes that offered all the benefits of a bootcamp but without having to give up all the luxuries. We started our fitness retreats in Italy. Even with afternoons relaxing by the pool, cocktails in the evening and 3 course dinners with wine, our clients still achieved amazing inch and weight loss results.


I have lived in Harpenden for most of my life but moved to Devon upon meeting Mark. We met on a bootcamp when I was managing and Mark was running the instruction. We have been a team and worked together ever since. We have delivered courses all over the country including Newcastle, Hertfordshire, Gloucestershire, Devon and Cornwall as well as luxury fitness retreats in Italy.
Having moved back to Harpenden with our two young girls, we are now able to offer bootcamp in Harpenden.
I went on a bootcamp to get fitter and lose weight and fell in love with the outdoor training (whatever the weather), the commitment that was expected but also the commitment from the Instructors that was given. Being trained by Military Physical Training Instructors opened my mind to another level of respect, determination and passion. A week of effort really is a lifetime of results.


Mark enjoyed a 22 year career in the Royal Navy during which time he completed two tours of duty in the Falkland Islands (1982/1998). He also travelled the world extensively during his time in the Royal Navy serving on various ships including HMS HERMES, HMS SIRIUS and HMS SUTHERLAND as well as 826 Naval Air Squadron and 845 Naval Air Commando Squadron. His passion however lay in representative sport and was selected to play for the RN Hockey Team at under 21 and senior levels, he also played football and Rugby at Command level.
Mark qualified as a Royal Navy Physical Training Instructor in 1989 after being selected to undergo the rigorous selection process followed by a 6 month long physical and mentally demanding course at the Royal Naval School of Physical Training (RNSPT) in Portsmouth. On leaving the RNSPT he was drafted to HMS Dolphin in Portsmouth for 1 year to work with the Submarine Squadron, He was then selected to join the Physical Training Staff at HMS Raleigh the Royal Navy’s New Entry Training Establishment where he delivered the Physical Training and Recreation package to new recruits.
On leaving the Service, driven to make a difference, with Kate he set up a successful ‘Fit BootCamp’ business. Not just sharing his experience and expertise with adults, he also came to realise as a parent that his true motivation also lay in promoting life-time fitness and behaviour-change in young people.

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Fantastic bootcamp. Great bunch of people, not at all cliquey and mixed fitness abilities. Instructors are friendly, fun, make you work hard and help you to improve your fitness levels in a motivating way. Also great to be outdoors in the fresh air. I got hooked 14 months ago and have lost two dress sizes. So much better than a gym!!

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I attended Fit Bootcamp in order to improve my fitness levels from those achieved at my local gym and health club. It was a great success, with challenging and intensive training, presented in a very supportive way with excellent trainers who were both encouraging and attentive.
The food was outstanding, prepared by Kate, who is also a super manager, with everything run very efficiently. The whole experience was further improved by a lovely group of motivated people training alongside me.
There was a great sense of achievement at the demonstrable improvement in my fitness level. I loved the experience so much that I have booked another week. I thoroughly recommend Fit Bootcamp to you! – Louise

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These guys are awesome. You really have no idea what you can achieve until you try. Thanks for your support and patience – Michelle